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September 21, 2021

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Residential Loans for the Investor

Ascension Funding Group offers institutional, government and private mortgage loans for Non-Owner Occupied residential properties to Real Estate Investors who specialize in residential 1-4 unit properties.  Our loans are the ideal solution when traditional bank financing isn’t an option and “outside-the-box” solutions are required to close quickly at the best rates and terms available for your situation.

We have a wide variety of program options available to suit borrowers of every experience level and credit situation, whether you are looking to fund your next fix-and-flip project or need a long-term rental loan.

Because our company was built by investors, we thoroughly understand the business both as lenders and as investors.  We are interested in building long-term relationships with our clients and are happy to share this knowledge and point you in the right direction to ensure your success.


      • Up to 90% of purchase
      • Up to 100% of Rehab
      • Rates Starting at 5.99%
      • Loans from $75K – $5M
      • Mid-FICO scores from 620*
      • Foreign National and Foreign Investor Programs Available

* FICO scores under 620 on a case-by-case basis


      • Up to 85% LTV
      • Rates Starting at 5.99%
      • Loans $75K – $5M
      • 30-year Am.
      • FICO scores from 620
      • Foreign National and Foreign Investor Programs Available


  • Up to 60% LTV
  • Rates Starting at 8.95%
  • Loans from $100K – $10M
  • 1-4 Family Homes
  • Land purchase may be included (please inquire)
  • Foreign National and Foreign Investor Programs Available


        • Single Family (Non-Owner Occupied Only)
        • Condos
        • Townhomes
        • 2-4 Unit Properties

Applying for residential investment financing is a simple process. Simply download an application packet, gather the items below, and email us your completed information.  We will have a letter of intent for you typically within 48 hours.  Average time to fund is 10 – 21 business days from receipt of a complete application package.

Submission Docs Required

All loan submissions require the following information:
      • Residential 1003 application
      • Executive Summary
      • Last 2 years’ business tax returns
      • Last 2 months’ bank statements showing proof of funds
      • Business Articles of Inc. / Operating Agreement
      • EIN Letter
      • YTD P&L / Balance Sheet
      • Full Tri-merge credit report
      • Copy of valid driver’s license
      • Personal Financial Statement
      • Borrower Experience

Fix-and-Flip Loans

In addition to the items listed above, the following are required:

      • Rehab List
      • Construction Budget

Rental Loans (Purchase, Refinance & Cash-out Refi’s)

All items listed above, plus the following, are required:

      • Purchase Contract or Settlement Statement if Refi
      • Copy of any leases on the property

Ground-Up Construction Loans

In addition to the items listed above, the following are required:

      • Construction Budget
      • House plans
      • Borrower Experience
      • Builder Experience
      • Purchase contract if pre-sold

Re-Imagine Your Financing the Way You Re-Imagine Your Projects.